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What is SQL ?

August 15, 2010

This is basically every knew what is SQL , I am not going to tell the new things here as SQL is a language that talks to the Relation databases.

according to ANSI standards it is standard langauge for Relational Databases Management System.

SQL – pronounced as (ess-que-ell). stands for Structured Query language.

Here we are going to talk more about the Microsoft SQL Server . lets see what are all the version Microsoft released so far.

1.SQL Server 1.0
2. SQL server 1.1
3.SQL Server 4.2.1
4. SQL Server 6.0
5.SQL Server 6.5
6.SQL server 7.0
7.SQL server 2000 and 64 bit
8. SQL server 2005
9.SQL Server 2008
10.SQL Server 2008 R2



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