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What is New in SQL Server 2008 Part 2

August 19, 2010

This is the continuous on the Last post for What is new in SQL Server 2008, as i have said there is lot of new features introduced in SQL Server 2008 ,for more info please visit www.microsoft.com/sqlserver

1.       GEOGRAPHY and GEOMETRY data Types
GEOGRAPHY and GEOMETRY is new data types on SQL Server 2008 which will help us to store the location-based data into database directly

GEOGRAPHY – This represents the 3-dimensional of geodesy data (exact position of the geographical points)
GEOMETRY – This represents the 2-dimensional planar data of points on maps.

2.       Virtual Earth Integration

This will help to show the great quality of the graphical representation of the physical location that is stored in the databases. Using this we can display the location-based data for your application.

3.       DATE / TIME Data Types

DATETIME2 – stores the date time instead of system time for the perfect accuracy and the date time precision of 100 nanoseconds.
DATE / TIME – using this can store the Date and time data separately into the    database.

4.       Filtered Indexes

Filtered indexes supports WHERE condition also it includes only the matching rows so it delivered an improved performance. It will not have the entire row on the tables.

Using this we can optimize the performance of the specific query.

5.       SPARSE Column

It allows to store NULL data in table by not taking NULL value space.

6.       Partitioned table Parallelism

This allows query run faster against partitioned table. Where system is having multiple processors SQL 2008 uses the parallel processing against partitioned table query, which improves the query response time.

7.       Data Profiling

SQL Server Integration Services includes the Data profiling task. Using this task we can easily identify total.no of rows, NULL, Distinct values. We can read the profiling data using the data profiling viewer

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